Goalkeeper of Iceland Football Team

Today I’d like to introduce something about the Goalkeeper Hannes Halldórsson. He is one of the great members in recent competitions. He hopes to be a member and fight for the country after a training session.

Hannes Halldórsson start off as a goalkeeper when he was 7 year old. When he was young, he always liked to stay in goal. He transferred from a star engaged in movies or stars to a goalkeeper in the European Championships. It’s an unbelievable adventure for him. The favorite glove of him is uhlsport – a glove kind enough to surround his fingers.

The long-term plan for the future of him is paly in Iceland football shirt as long as possible and fight with Iceland. If he resign the job of goalkeeper, he will be a person addicted into feature film.

There are many change on the professional goalkeeper in the last 20 years. The most obvious one is use of goalkeepers’ feet. The exciting points of goalkeeper is saving shots rather than kicking. Most of his favorite keepers are shot stoppers, including Van Der Sar, Buffon, Peter Schmeichel, Petr Cech and Oliver Kahn.

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