World Cup Scandals

An excellent footballer Alfredo Di Stefano departed Buenos Aires giants River Plate for Millonarios of Bogota. It was proved as a significant turn for the great footballer. After departed Millonarios of Bogota, he began to serve for the football club giant Real Madrid. It is because of the launch of European Cup that he became the most important footballer in the history of the European Club. At present, Colombia side is return the profit as much as they could. In order to improve the club River Plate, the football club planned to introduce two important football players, who came from the North.

One of these two footballers is the goalkeeper of Argentina side – Franco Armarni. The Argentine footballer departed his birthplace from 2010 for Medellin giants Atletico Nacional. During the past eight years, he has grown into a super-hero for most football fans, especially in the past four seasons. He is deserved to the honor of the first-choice goalkeeper in the ever-victorious football team. As the most graceful Armarni in the world, he is also an effective and reliable ball stopper; in addition, the time of his returning is extremely good.

Colombia side pays much attention to the excellent football player. For many weird errors incurred by David Ospina in the campaign, there is a real opportunity for Armarni to play at the 2018 FIFA World Cup. As for Ospina, the first choice of Argentina side will take him as a substitute. The manager of Argentina perhaps will concern the inactivity of Sergio Romero at Manchester United.

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